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Customised Miniature 4x4, Vehicle, Car, Truck, Dozer, Boat, Caravan

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The Custom Design Centre is available for those who want to accurately replicate a much loved vehicle.

Whether you have a boat a plane a vehicle of anny type that you would like to replicate we can support you with something special. Perhaps it is your aspirational vehicle.

These stunning miniatures are made from 100% Australian renewable timber and are delivered fully built painted and with decals.

What you get :

1. A unique one off custom designed and built miniature.

2. Painted in your vehicles colour inside and out.

3. if you would like to build the vehicle we can provide a painted construction kit.

4. To simplify the process I have included shipping worldwide

What you supply :

- We will need at least 3 photos of your vehicle and one interior shot

- Paint code and interior trim colour

- your preferred number/license plate

- 4-6 weeks to develop the computer drawing and laser cut the vehicle. We will order the paint as per your code and build the vehicle.

I am based in Port Macquarie Australia and ship worldwide. I look forward to hearing from you with any special requests Cheers Mike.

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