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3 scale Models of BruderX Vans EXP 7 , EXP 8, EXP 4

Create Exclusive Custom Merchandise. Miniature and Construction Kits with Instruction Manuals.

1. Design and Create one exclusive custom miniature design

2. Create Proof of Concept

3. Make adjustments to design as required with client consultation

4. Create and build one presentation 1/16 scale miniature.

5. Create full branded instruction manual.

6. Produce branded 3d rendered construction video of the miniature.

7. Create Production Panels for 3 mm plywood production

8. We will also create the colour files ready for UV printing direct to Plywood.

We supply and deliver the following assets

A. One fully constructed miniature 1:16 scale

B. Two complete construction kits in Retail ready packaging with A4 colour instructions and modelling glue.

Additional flatpack kits including packaging will be available at the following wholesale prices.

1. Raw Timber AUD $68 per unit

2. Full colour AUD $108 per unit


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